Wanna Help Writers?

I found myself wandering around several writing groups on Facebook a few weeks ago and saw a call for Beta-Readers. This is a typical post I see and didn’t think anything of it. I surfed around a little bit more in the groups, but could not get that one post off my mind. I had no connection to this person, nor was I even talking with them before this post. The feeling of wanting to help a fellow writer out didn’t go away and so, I contacted them.

Once I talked to the author, T.J. Vensarn, and offered my services as a beta-reader, I was pleasantly surprised that I received a copy of their first novel. It was good. I was very happy to start on the next one. Now, I am working on reading and providing constructive feedback. I am using what I have learned from my editor on my work and helping someone make their work stronger.

This is where my background and love of writing gives me the chance to really help someone else. So, if you love literature and want to help others then get involved with some Facebook groups like The Write Life Community and Fantasy Writing Fanatics.

To learn more about T.J. Versarn and his book series, please visit http://www.vensarn.com/ today!


Author: samanthafn82

I am forever creating worlds within my mind and place them on paper when I cannot take it anymore. My muse is the vibrant life around me, from the icy blue sky above to the humming of Earth beneath my feet. I live to tell a great story and amuse everyone around me.

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