St .Joseph Writers Guild

This weekend I was able to watch the St. Joseph Writers Guild reward the winners of the Jill Perkins Young Writers Contest and it was amazing. Not only were there

Young Writer Contest Winners
Some of the contest winners with Jill Perkins

great stories submitted, but I got to meet the next generation of budding writers in the community. We had around 40 entries and I can’t wait for the next one, since now I am a member of the group and get to help out with the event.


Yep, I took the dive and now am an actual member of this fine group. The friendly faces and crazy energy from all these other writers have me hooked! I have found my people! The commitment is only once a month for the meetings. Of course I want more, so I have volunteered to help out with some side projects and I think I want to try my hand at being the VP of the group. This is a major step for me and I am a little hesitant with my foot issue, but  I think it would be good for me.

Also, I want to put a plug out for the group and let all my people know that they welcomed to come to the meetings! We are always looking for new members from the community (both in and around St. Joe). If you love to write, read or both,then this group just might be for you! We will be having workshops and guest speakers on a variety of topics throughout the year. For more information, please visit St. Joseph Writers Guild Blog or St. Joseph Writers Guild Facebook Page.



Author: samanthafn82

I am forever creating worlds within my mind and place them on paper when I cannot take it anymore. My muse is the vibrant life around me, from the icy blue sky above to the humming of Earth beneath my feet. I live to tell a great story and amuse everyone around me.

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